Love unites us, Truth sets us free

[Originally written and published in Portuguese]

Love and Truth: so many insights are contained in these simple words! To me, they summarise the essential learning of how to be human in the best sense. Because the best sense of being human is the faculty of Loving with Truth; of uniting whilst honouring freedom; being together without imprisoning.

So much can be said in this respect and so much has already been, in ways much better than I could hope to. But I can sincerely say that I understand, am provoked by and touched by this paradoxical combination: Love and Truth.

Yes, because part of me knows, in practice, what it is like to Love without Truth: hurtful attachment. And part of me knows what Truth without Love can be like: arrogant pride.

Love without Truth suffocates; Truth without Love destroys.

The combination of Love with Truth, however… is a veritable explosion of Good. A centrifugal and centripetal whirlwind at the same time. It elevates everything it touches. It generates strength and energy. It turns the world around. It makes everything grow and become better.

As an apprentice of being human in the best sense, I manage to access some Love with Truth in my most inspired moments. They never last long enough to satisfy the infinite thirst for progress. But gladly so: the path of evolution never reaches its end, and we are forever able to enjoy new landscapes along the way.

Now I understand: my essential search is for learning how to live both the Love that unites and the Truth that sets us free, in a synchronous and increasingly perennial way.

The road may be long, but the destination is fabulous. Infused with hope, the path becomes even more beautiful. And the best mantra to keep us company in this marvelous journey of self betterment is this: Love and Truth.

So be it.

True Love

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